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Compass HD+


Features:- Compass for Android Wear SmartWatch- Azimuth - Pitch - Roll XYZ- Day Mod- Night Mod- Location Coordinates + Current City + Weather Condition Info(Menu: Get Location)- Get exact Location on Map (Menu: Location on MAP)- Create Shortcut of App on Home-Screen- Floating View- Mini Compass (Compass in Minimized View)- Resize Compass View- Custom Compass Image (Select your Compass Image -- Long Press To Remove It)If you open CompassHD+ at Night It will show you the Night-Mod (also for Day-Mod)Then If you want to see another Mod you can Open it through Menu.
* Azimuth: 0 >> North* Azimuth: 180 >> South** Best Result for Compass is when device be in flat state: Pitch = 0 & Roll = 0
NOTE: LongPress on Compass-View to Pause Sensors. Then you can check carefully XYZ & Click on each item to Search. There is an item to resume gathering data from Sensors.
First Compass for SmallApp+ Custom/Changeable Mini-View
/** Floating Shortcuts, Widgets & Link Bookmark** * Compass & Weather XDA Project*** Geeks Empire [Alpha] Community**/
/* [ SmApEx4SoPr ] Small Apps extension for Sony products */Please Write your Opinions to Improve Available Features Or To Add New Feature.